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auto catalytic converter
Our company has successfully developed many types of auto Catalytic Converter, which are suitable for cars in all types and meet the strict emission standard.
1) This catalytic muffle adopts the lanthanon, such as Ce, La and some noble metals
    like Pt, Pd, Rh, as the new catalysts
2) They take bluestone beehive porcelains, beehive and net metal as catalytic
    carriers, and on flow and vortex technology are adopted in the product
    encapsulation structure, thus the exhaust of vehicles, ships and engines can
    be changed into slow, even and stable air currents pass through bluestone
    beehive porcelains, beehive and net metals
3) Poisonous gases like CO, HC, NOx  from the exhaust of vehicles,
    ships and engines can be converted into the harmless gases like CO2, H2O, N2
    through Redox reaction and oxidation reaction. In this way, the pollutants can
    be reduced and the exhaust noise can be effectively controlled.
1).Let the engine maintain the good working status------the ideal A/F and safe combustion.
2).Avoid suddenly jump-starting the car using the largest accelerograph.
3).The best working temperature of Catalyzer is 400 -800 , it should not exceed 1000 ; otherwhise it would accelerate the aging and
shorten the life-span of the Catalyzer
4).If the piston  is damaged, the oil would flee into the engine,
that would reduce the activity of the Catalyzer.
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