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A catalytic converter (colloquially, "cat" or "catcon") is a device used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine. First widely introduced on series-production automobiles in the US market for the 1975 model year to comply with tightening EPA regulations on auto exhaust, catalytic converters are still most commonly used in motor vehicle exhaust systems. Catalytic converters are also used on generator sets, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses, trains, and other engine-equipped machines. A catalytic converter provides an environment for a chemical reaction wherein toxic combustion by-products are converted to less-toxic substances.
Our company has successfully developed many types of auto Catalytic Converter, which are suitable for cars in all types and meet the strict emission standard. As customers' requests, all kind of three-way Catalytic Converter can be explored and produced.The three-way Catalytic Converter can eliminate 90% amount of the three main pollutants (hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide).
Product elucidation:
1.     catalysis device adopts the ceramic honeycomb as the carrier;use cordierite as the main composition of the stabilizer,which coating the active oxide of rare-earth complex cover;and make rare-earth and little noble metal as catalyst,by burned and drying out to complete.
2.     catalysis devices outer shell adopts corrosion resistant plate presure forming,encapsulation welding to complete.its beautiful and burliness.
3.     using the imported cushion to be apart and fix between the carrier and shell,for heat insulation and shock absorption,and it also has good capability in prevent from thermal shock.
4.     catalysis devices is designed as olive streamline shape according to the fluid mechanics principle,the pressure loss is small,and its matched with the engine,so it doesnt affect its motivity and economics function.
5.     due to the catalysts proporting is fitting,so the conversion rate of dusty gas is high,meanwhile,the three effect type catalysis device is applicable to the closed loop electricity-gushed system(EFI),new vehicle and replacing vihicle.
6.     the unleaded gas that catalysis device was requested to use ,the leaf of content is below 5MG/L,otherwise would affect the service life of the catalysis device.
7.     use the oxidize type catalysis device in the using car,and install the two complement oxygen equipment at the point with waste gas waste gas recycle,also reduce greatly the exhaust.
 Features of this catalytic converter:
1. High quality of  409 stainless steel shell(ss304 is also avaialbe), mirror polished.
2. 400cell/sqt(300cells, 600cells, 800 cells are also available)
3. Inside catalyst (Pt, Pd,Rh+rare earth) coating on honey combed  metal substrate
4. Function: reduce hamful emmision( CO,CH, NOx) from motor vehcle  more than 97%;
5. Meet Euro3  emmision standard, and warranty life is 3year/80000 kms
6. Customer's specific requirments available, drawing is welcome.
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