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motorcycle catalytic converter2
High strength complex substrate plus big surface area and active element of noble metal could lower down pollutant value of motorcycle exhaust efficiently, such as CO, HC, NOX etc.. And such kind of catalyst is of excellent catalytic activity and durability that could reach Euro emission standard 3, meet requirement and have approval of EPA and E-Mark.
 1.catalyst type: complex catalyst of noble metal (Pt, Pd, Rh) plus rare earth complex catalyst.
 2.catalytic substrate: metal substrate and honeycomb ceramic substrate.
 3.fantastic coating fastness and stably and long-term catalyst ability.
 4.advanced technic of substrates making and canning, ensuring depandable resistance heat shocks and stability of equipment
 5.various kinds of specifications and types, customized products as per clients specific requirement and technology data.
 * To make the product with tri-angle, round and square hole as well as other specification in accordance with customers demand.
 * Adopt the metallic and ceramic carrier as motorcycle catalyst
 * Simulation system of the computer to design meticulously, it is accurate to match.
 * Remarkable to purify ,are equivalent Europe III Emission standard
 * Passed Wearing test of 15000KM
 Model specifications:
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