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VOC catalyst used in toll coating
     Catalytic Combustion understands that there may be times when a company has a suitable substrate to use for their application, but they lack the ability or expertise to apply the catalyst coating.Through our various proprietary coating techniques, we can offer toll coating as
an option to you. We can provide various washcoat and precious metal catalyst formulations and will consider other types of coatings including base metal catalysts.You can ask Catalytic Combustion to recommend a coating formulation for a particular application or you can specify your own proprietary formulation.
We can coat:
§                       metal foil
§                       mesh
§                       metal screen
§                       ceramic honeycomb
§                       various other types of substrates
custom catalyst development:
Catalytic Combustion Corporation was one of the first major emission control manufacturers to develop complete oxidation systems for the processing of hydrocarbons, smoke and odor control. A strong commitment to quality in design, engineering and manufacturing has been instrumental in the development of advanced catalytic technologies and has made Catalytic Combustion a leader in the emission control industry.Because of the role that Catalytic Combustion plays in the field of emission control, we are able to offer our customers the ability to work with us to custom develop catalysts which meet their unique applications.Our engineering and design staff is waiting to help you with your specific application. Please contact us to discuss you needs and let our team of experts meet the challenge.
VOC catalyst used in wire enameling
    Our company started in 2003 with the development and patenting of a metal ribbon substrate and its coating technique for the control of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odors produced in the process of enameling wire. Metal Ribbon Catalysts from Catalytic Combustion provide a long-term solution for destroying VOCs. Coated with a special combination of platinum and palladium and other rare earths, on a nickel-chromium substrate, these catalysts are perfect candidates for individual cleaning and reactivation for years of active service.The platinum/palladium combination yields the most effective catalyst available, resulting in extended production “uptime” and added value to your process.Nickel-chromium ribbons are individually crafted to create a true, fixed-bed catalytic surface that eliminates “nesting” of the catalyst components such as that found in packed bed media catalysts.The noble metal alloy coating is applied and bonded to the metal ribbon substrate by our patented electrochemical process and activated by oxidation of hydrocarbon vapors to yield 100% quality control for catalytic activity and capacity.The integrity of the cleaning and reactivation process is preserved from the catalyst’s initial manufacture through its lifetime by  testing a representative sampling of the catalyst material. This data is then recorded in our CESR™database.
VOC catalyst used in oven
     Our company is one ofthe largest suppliers of catalyst for the residential self-clean oven market. Catalysts are used, again, to eliminate the smoke and odor that would definitely exist during the self-clean cycle of the oven. Furthermore, by building off of this technology, Catalytic Combustion has developed, tested and presently markets several catalytic converters for use on commercial rapid cook ovens that are used in various fast food restaurants as well as established high-end dinner houses.
VOC catalyst used in coffee roasters
    Our company has also developed catalysts that are successfully used in catalytic afterburners attached to retail and wholesale coffee roasters, to eliminate the strong odor and smoke produced by the coffee roasting process. A new client approached us with a challenge. They were looking for a way to control the noxious smoke and acrid odors emitted from the coffee bean roasting process. Their customer wanted to promote a new home coffee roaster that could be used indoors without having to open windows or setting off smoke detectors.
We examined the problem and concluded that a custom, never- used-before catalyst would be the
best solution. After a short period of development, we submitted prototype samples for evaluation
which proved to provide just the right amount of control needed to solve the problem, while leaving enough of the delicious coffee aroma to delight the customer.
Consumer products:
ceramic catalyst used in food service
    It is general knowledge that the process of cooking various foods, especially meats, releases significant amounts of odor causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as fine Particulate Material (PM) in the form of smoke. Regulatory agencies in many parts of this country and some countries overseas,have either passed rules already or are contemplating rules to limit the emissions caused by the operation of various cooking devices such as charbroilers (both chain-driven and under-fired), grills, griddles, deep-fat fryers, bakery ovens for bread and pizza, as well as other lesser known cooking equipment. Not all of these applications lend themselves to catalytic control of the noxious emissions. However, Catalytic Combustion has developed various foil and ceramic substrate catalytic converters that have been tested and approved for use on a number of these devices.
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